How it works.

Traditional mentor programs never seem to deliver on the desired results. MentToBe is structured to do just that.

One-One Match: Beginning with a signature industry-specific event, we structure the night to meet and choose your mentor or mentee.

Goals Focused: We ensure each mentoring connection has a goal set with a specific time horizon from 3 to 6 months. This poises everyone for the chance to win.

Follow-Up: We will be checking in with both mentor and mentee to see how things are progressing and help make any course corrections or provide needed pointers.



Mentors win.
Here’s why:

TALENT: Our signature mentoring events give you an ability to have more pointed and structured conversations with everyone attending. This will help build access to current and future talent

INFORMATIVE: ongoing mentoring insights will be provided to every Mentor. We will be with you every step of the way

ALTRUISM: as we progress in our own paths and have a multitude of experiences, this is our chance to give back and share our knowledge

Mentees win.
Here’s why:

NETWORKING: Our events provide both a traditional free-flowing networking segment, as well as structured one-on-one networking.

INFORMATIVE: With a goal-focused approach to mentoring, you’ll be poised to achieve results and meet your professional development needs.

INDEPENDENT: We provide access to a broader base of people than your traditional corporate confines, giving you the comfort to focus on what matters most to you at the time.

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